Hunter TR-12 Armor Components

- The Hunter TR-12: designed for danger -

Hunter Armor Tactical Vehicle
Armor (Standard EN1063) Protection Level
B5 B6 B7
armor ok
armor ok
armor ok
Floor V Shape
armor ok B6
armor ok
Engine compartment
armor ok


The Hunter TR-12 is a 12-person, multi-purpose tactical vehicle designed to carry troops to dangerous destinations. A mono-hull built on an independent chassis, the versatile Hunter TR-12 offers superior protection against guns and rifles, making it ideal for high-risk areas prone to clashes and ambushes. With 4x4 wheel drive action, it is possible for the vehicle to reach remote, difficult-to-access places. The Hunter TR-12's superior features, including high quality technical configuration, a powerful fuel diesel engine, and cutting-edge wheel technology, make it a reliable vehicle for long distances.

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